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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Afro-Asiatics are not Europeans

These days, everyone may call themselves "European" or "American" if they live in or were born in those places, lol, although their roots may lie elsewhere in most cases.  I've proved that the paleolithic indigenous / aboriginal peoples of Europe and North America have similar DNA:  they're virtually the same people.  Some of us (the ancient ones) still exist today, in our mtDNA or perhaps within our autosomal genes, chromosomes x & y, etc.

But the thing about mtDNA, is that it is quite uniquely different from the other types of genes.  It is inherited virtually unchanged, most of the time, from mothers to ALL of her offspring.

It appears that the aboriginals of South America may have more relationship to the Australoids and Polynesian / Indonesians of the 'old world' (see:  Penon woman).

Many people from Europe, who invaded the Americas, claim to be European; some are proud to point out their 'Scandinavian' or 'Nordic' ancestry.  But most of them are in fact not true Europeans, but are Indo-Europeans, Aryans, 'Eurasians' (mostly Asian), and Afro-Asians (see Deinekes' analyses below -- that's a great blog, btw, I think I'll follow that one).

I've mentioned many times (and gotten shot down for it, too) that 'Jews' are not Caucasians in the true sense of the definition:  they're not true Shemite / Semites who ~originated in the Caucasus.  Instead, they are invaders from the South (Africa) and the East (Asia) who mixed their genes together in the Near East, close to the Levant region of the Mediterranean sea.

Scientific analyses prove what I've been saying all along:  that Arabs and Jews are genetically more related than say Ashkenazi Jews and Scandinavians.  The fact that some of them have blue eyes and blond hair, or Rhesus negative bloodtypes, is meaningless, because those are ~recessive traits.

Recessive traits in our modern Human population, are the result of random mutations followed by subsequent selective breeding.  The mutations resulted from bestiality:  hybridization with apes.

I don't say this, to promote hate toward blue-eyed, blond, or Rh- people; or toward anyone with Hybrid genes in their DNA.  But I think that we ought to know the ~truth.  People cannot make sound, rational life-shaping decisions (like, sexual selection or marriage) based on fantasies or delusions.  "My people perish for lack of knowledge", God says in holy scriptures.  Boy, do we ever.

I DON'T advocate conducting DNA testing on everyone, Nazi-like, and then genociding those who have Hybrid genes.  There are better ways of discerning who among us are truly Human:  look at their morals.  Human beings have innately Human ~morals.

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