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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Statement posted on YouTube & on the DNA forums:

If by exercising my civil rights (equality under the law, free speech & freedom of religion being some of them), I risk isolation, abandonment, ostracism, & ultimately death by my own people & government: then so be it. I'd gladly give my life for God, truth, freedom, my family, & my country. If haters hate me for being who I am: that's fine; I'd rather be me anyway. I won't pretend to be one of the favored few, & couldn't if I tried. Maybe dying for my rights would be a victory for me & others in my same circumstances, who knows. Either way, it's not worth living in a state of enslavement, so worth the risk...
...Intimidation, 'death' threats, banishment, shunning, mockery, ridicule, harassment or other punishments won't succeed in frightening me into silence; I've said nothing wrong. I choose when I will speak; no one is forced to listen or take heed. No one has to like or agree with me, either; anymore than I care for you or your manners. My unique ~mtDNA~, "W", is (in my case) Native American; Cherokee.
UPDATE:  Further testing is needed to better define my mtDNA subclade.  My original certificate from the Genographic Project states that it's simply "X".  Family Tree DNA much later changed it in their files, from "X" to "predicted W1e".  However, according to more recently updated data, and James Lick's mtDNA analyzer, mitohap, it could very well be "X2m1" instead.  Anyway, I will always maintain that it is Cherokee, unless proven otherwise.
Even if W1e, that subclade is very unusual compared to other "W" clades.  And if it's X2m1, that's even more rare and mysterious.

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