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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Response to "gun" on a thread regarding Egyptian DNA, original peoples

[quote 'gun']

"I am an ethiopian (oromo) and live in london and i met many egyptians and i could not tell if they where eritrean ethiopian egyptian or sudanese until they start to speak then i can tell.

based on modern studies on egypt they are the best candidates for ancient egyptians
their y-dna is e1b1b predominant like almost 50%-60% in the main cities
rural areas i can geuss will be higher like 80%-90%

only j1 has increased a lot since the arab muslims kicked the romans away and settled there.

as for ethiopia there hasn't been done a proper study on it because they always pick the northerns like the amhara who are a minority in the country and have 34% e1b1b and 33% j1
while we the oromo have 60%  to 70% e1b1b
and somamlis as high as 80%"


I have also noticed, gun, in my own experiences, & in much of what I have read on forums & elsewhere online, that 'science' (particularly 'DNA science') quite often reflects obvious biases in the people ~performing the studies / experiments or in the agencies / entities ~funding the work.

It's quite disheartening to see, I might add. However, some of us will never give in to bias, because we prefer truth & real knowledge. Enjoyed your comments.

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