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Monday, December 26, 2011

Reply to 'tralala' (probably a Troll) who joined just today, In mtDNA W thread:

Hi everybody  :)

I just discovered my mtDNA results which indicate haplogroup W.
I am happy to meet other members of W family here as it really seems we are pretty rare.
Would anyone here please advise me which "W" I am? (W1, W2, W3...)? And maybe tell me more about my origins? Thank you so much!

HVR1 16111T, 16189A, 16223T, 16292T, 16295T, 16519C
HVR2 73G, 143A, 189G, 195C, 204C, 207A, 263G, 315.1C

I'm a "W" who has been censored from this genealogy forum, for truthfully stating that my mtDNA is Cherokee, Native American.

I also have pointed out the differences between the terms "Caucasian" & "Aryan" (or, "Indo-European"), which got me into trouble too, even though I possess all those genes (Cherokee, Caucasian, & Aryan, among others) in various proportions.

When I began researching my mtDNA & family histories, my intent was to discover the truth; but I've been treated like a liar or an idiot, by some other regular posters who've established themselves here, who don't know enough about me or my family, to make such judgments.

I've long had an interest in my family history; have listened carefully to every word that any of my elders have spoken to me, about it. It's been a serious preoccupation for me, not something that I approach carelessly.

Some people here claim that mtDNA is ~insignificant (I disagree); some (usually the same ones) also claim that mtDNA W cannot ~possibly be Cherokee. Their claims are unscientific & unfounded. Their claims are bigoted & biased.

That said, I don't know enough to advise you about your origins, but wish you well in your journey. Learning about your family history, is something requiring pro-active involvement on your part; no one can tell you more about yourself than you can learn from your ~own family members~. It's best to build your investigation based on that personal knowledge.

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