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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reply to Ruths thread about Native American identity

It would be easier (and more humane & just) to put the burden of proof on the accusers, not on the accused: Everyone who believes they are or wishes to be Native American is, unless ~proven~ otherwise (with ~real~ evidence).

(For example, if ~all~ of your recent ancestors [up to 100-200 yrs] were documented immigrants, then naturally you wouldn't qualify.)

Why be so greedy? What good does that serve? I don't even ask for anything, yet many supposedly classy people seem afraid that I might get some of it, lol. Some of what? Well, not much that's any good for me (excepting maybe some Casino money, but I don't approve of gambling / gaming as a business, anyway; so would be ~ashamed~ to get rich in that manner).

I've never seen any ethnic group so vehemently & systematically ~denied~ their heritage, as American Indigenous people. Like the article stated, it's all because of 'stuff' (or, 'money', greed). All of the squabbling over it is a result of the original, early & continuous, unfair treatment of Native Americans by a government who wrongly presumed themselves superior to us.

Might doesn't make right; & technology doesn't make a civilization superior. Some of you Darwinists will eventually wake up to your mistakes, but too late to correct them.

"If A, B, C, D & X2a are Native American haplogroups; then all Native Americans must be in haplogroups A, B, C, D, & X2a"... is that logical?

No, it's irrational. But logic or truthfulness, as already pointed out, has very little to do with the problem.

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