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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Reply to "BLAST your (mtDNA) against Neanderthal"

For the record, my mtDNA comparisons:

Neanderthal [NC_011137.1]: 1 Blast hit; 16362/16572 ~(99%)~; Gaps 10/16572 ~(0%)~

Human [NC_012920.1]: 1 Blast hit; 16562/16570 ~(99%)~; Gaps 2/16570 ~(0%)~

[[[Note: My theory is that all Neanderthals were Hybrids, & that practically all of them had Human mtDNA (excepting possible mutations). I'd be more interested in seeing my complete genome compared with its complete genome.]]]

Chimpanzee troglodyte [NC_001643.1]: 2 Blast hits; 12139/13201 ~(92%)~; Gaps 76/13201 ~(1%)~

Orangutan [NC_002083.1]: 2 Blast hits; 11153/12934 ~(86%)~; Gaps 296/12934 ~(2%)~

Rhesus monkey [NC_005943.1]: 3 Blast hits; 6424/7833 ~(82%)~; Gaps 307/7833 ~(4%)~

The Human & Neanderthal scores for mtDNA comparison are practically identical. I believe the scores for the other primates' mtDNA comparisons reflect the fact that they aren't Human Hybrids, & are successively further distant from Humans genetically.

Any DNA other than mtDNA, resembling Neanderthals', must be the result of later, more recent interbreeding with the original Hybrids.

I wish they had Gorilla DNA on there, I wonder why they don't? I would be curious to see the comparison, since they're the most primitive of the primate species listed here, & they have type B blood.

My mother has type AO+; I have type O+; & one of my daughters has type B+ (which she must have inherited from her father, obviously, since the "O" trait is recessive). For some irritating, irrational reason, the hospital refused to reveal (to me) the bloodtypes of my older two children.

Anyway, I'd expect to see even less relationship between Gorilla & Human mtDNA; but with perhaps more (or less) variability, if the whole genomes are compared (regarding ~any~ of the above, for that matter). Because, mtDNA seems to be a perfect tool for gauging inter-species (primates, iow) hybridization among Humans.

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