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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Re: Rhesus negative blood trait

Today, after much thought & research, combined with the mysterious ways by which God reveals truths to me, I realized that the Rhesus negative blood factor (which I hate, despise, & fear so much) found in the most concentrated numbers within the Basque population, may not have ~originated with those very interesting & lovely (imho) indigenous people of Europe. I believe now that, like the Cherokee, it was ~introduced into our groups by the marauding, invading, raping, bloodthirsty, murdering, thieving, Indo-European / Aryan invaders from the ancient Near East. It's quite possible that it later became more prevalent within our populations, due to a cultural ~reaction of ~isolation against ~invasion. Unfortunately, most Basques & Cherokee of today believe what we're told by 'authorities': that Rh- is characteristic of our peoples. But that can't be; because the gene came from Rhesus monkeys (found in the Indo-European/Aryan lands of ancient India); & because it isn't a dominant trait, but a ~recessive one. It's also been traced genetically, no further back in time than to the Aryans & Neanderthals.

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