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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

re Obama's gesture of congrats to gay marriage couple (Removed by Yahoo news)

(They might have pulled the entire article, too -- although other media continues to carry the story)

Barry's gay, & he & Janet Napolitano defended a pedophile author (Phillip Greaves) on the Amazon Religion forum, by gangstalking protestors of the book "How to Molest Children without Getting Caught". He even brought in the military (& 'she' - Janet - had HLS), which used psychological war tactics online, to fight for the criminal's "Right to Free Speech". Hypocrites & domestic terrorists, is what they really are - not defenders of our nation... They got Anderson Cooper & Chris Matthews of the Media involved, too (they mocked the protestors & also made references to the criminal's 'Rights'). The state of Florida arrest Greaves anyway, extraditing him from Colorado. The Florida judge (who was probably either bought or threatened) gave him a slap on his weak wrist, however. I swear every word of this is true, to the best of my knowledge (I'm the one, 'Alethea', who started the protest, asking Amazon to pull the book off their catalog).

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