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Friday, December 23, 2011

DNA forums 'moderator' "R1a1a" has been harassing me, just a sample:

[Note: Because of this sort of post, I've lost all respect for 'genealogists':]

10:19 am on thread "Can DNA Determine Who is American Indian?", in the Genealogy in North America forum, R1a1a says quote...


I'm so glad you were able to find out your roots. You've also stated the situation very well. Most of us just want to know who we are, and even non-adoptees who have spent years researching have mysteries.

A few, unfortunately, bend facts to suit personal myths they have created. Such people should never get genetic testing. If the testing is reputable, they will argue with the results or manipulate their interpretation: or they may instead pursue one of the several disreputable DNA tests that specializes in telling people what they want to hear.


Some forum members here have definite Native American ancestry as a minority component among others. While not self-identifying as Indigenous or trying to parlay their genetic results into treaty rights, they are absolutely correct in their paper trails and they have no reason not to celebrate these ancestors as much as any other. Celebrating them much more than others would be suspect.

An issue for other people is that they have paper-trail dead ends in North America and slight genomic affinities to "Asian," Native American, or Siberian populations out of line with normal levels for their known ethnicity. I am one such example, with higher levels of Siberian affinity than is typical for people from any of my known ancestral populations.

People want to know everything. Of course this is impossible."

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