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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Quoted from the DNA forum

Thread: "Gujjars and Pashtuns-descendants of Turks..." (OP by 'newtoboards', who joined on 24Oct.,2011 - same OP that started the previous one about Neanderthal heritage, lol).

'Rambo' says, "Can we have no more discussion about pashtuns on this forum please, until we have some concrete evidence of their origin. I find it absurd when people just keep coming up with theories, instead of just testing the pashtun samples properly
I am "pashtun" from the alcozai tribe, in pakistan "
I could say the same about people pretending to be expert genealogists, making BS unfounded statements about Native American ancestry. R1a1a (idiot) doesn't believe you unless you have written documentation - lmao. Gg-grandmother / gg-grandfather were from North Carolina (Cely Bird & Steven Hilburn [Hillborn, Hilbourne], where the state's courthouses have been arsoned nearly 45 times since the Colonial period. And Cherokee didn't keep written records. But he wants paper trails. Kind of like Obama's birth certificate & a lot of fake ID's, driver's licenses, etc. ...

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