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Sunday, November 6, 2011

My June 2011 reply to "Who were the Aryans?" on DNA forums

Aryans have been quite openly pounding the public with their canned propaganda, for quite a long time, but especially since around 1940, when the genetic trait for Rhesus negative blood-type was discovered.  They are especially fond of falsely pointing out that Rhesus positives have, "the monkey blood".   The truth is, that it is Rhesus negative blood which is compatible (does not agglutinate, or curdle) with Rhesus Macaque monkey blood...

Aryans are those Rh- blood-type, Neanderthal-descended, Rhesus macaque monkey *Hybrids*; who were intentionally, selectively bred in the agricultural Indus valley culture of Asian N. India in ancient times.

They were selected for "whiteness", by pantheists who worshipped the Aryans just as much as they worshipped their sacred hybrid Brahman cattle & their legendary "monkey god".

They were originally bred from ancient female Caucasian slaves (probably captured in battles), inseminated with male Rhesus monkey seed. The first few generations of that inter-species cross, was what we call 'Neanderthals'.

Neanderthals, like Aryans, are associated with specific recessive traits such as red hair, blue or green eyes, right-handedness, & Rh- blood, among others. Neanderthal skulls are similar in *shape*, to Rhesus monkey skulls.

Although the Neanderthal skull was large for its body size -- so are monkey & ape skull disproportionately large for their body sizes. However, the Human brain has been scientifically proven to have drastically reduced in size (on average), over the ages.

The Aryans' obsession with "whiteness" led to their irritating habit of deliberately *blurring* the definitions on government forms, etc., for the terms "white" & "Caucasian" (which are not the same thing). "White" is to 'Caucasian', as "Golden" is to 'Labrador retriever'...

In fact their recessive Rhesus traits are occasionally apparent in certain populations among all 3 of the major human races (Asian, Caucasian, & Negro), along with their scant ancient Caucasian heritage (which they later reinforced with further breeding with 'free' Caucasians, especially with Nordics in the Rhine region of Germany).

The recessive traits include (but are not limited to) certain unusual eye colors, certain shades of red hair, tow-headedness (straight, white hair) -- but *especially* the Rh- blood-type, a Mendelian gene.

Along with their recessive Rhesus monkey traits, & their selected ancient or modern human Caucasian features, you will also often find among Aryans many Asian & Negro facial & body bone-structures & colorings. Examples would be almond shaped eyes, golden skin, olive toned or darker skin, straight (Asian) or very curly (Negroid) black hair, etc.

Aryans also often carry many occasional *skeletal* features comparable to the Rhesus macaque monkey -- such as the prominent brow-bone, heavy eyebrows, receding forehead, heavy jaw, thin lips, small round eyes, close-set eyes, wall-eyedness, small round faces, noses which lie very close to the face, deep-set eyes which lie behind the nose bone (restricting peripheral vision), oddly shaped fingers & toes... Etc.

Their heads often tend to be large for their bodies, usually broad & round (but with a characteristic 'bump' at the back of the skull). Their arms are usually long, relative to their torsos. Their legs tend to be shorter, by comparison. They are barrel-chested, & the women tend to have large bosoms.

The offspring from the original hybrid cross (Neanderthals, iow) were then further mated with both male & female Asian natives of the area where it was done, in ancient India.

This is how Neanderthal genes have been carried forward in certain modern humanoid populations. The earliest Neanderthal hybrid was biologically unsuccessful for obvious reasons; they died out as a subspecies, comparatively quickly.

Contrary to the hype about them, Neanderthals were not that bright, nor terribly sophisticated. They used crude tools & language, lived in caves, & were not nearly as 'socialized' as some would believe. They were in fact vicious, cruel carnivorous omnivores, who probably ate most of their kills raw & gathered their plant food rather than grow it. Although part human, their IQ's were quite low on the scale.

Thus, the Neanderthals were only able to barely weather the Ice Age, due to their natural hairiness, low body temperatures, & other monkey traits adaptable to rugged living. And probably because they would EAT any humans who tried to share the same caves with them. Although they had low intelligence -- like the bear or other predators, they made up for it in both strength & stealth. They had massive jaws & teeth, too.

Even a pureblooded male Rhesus monkey can weigh up to 100 pounds, & can *easily* overcome a Human *man* in hand-to-hand combat. But the reason they were not biologically successful in the long run (in spite of their natural hardiness), was because of the hybrid genes: their *reproduction* capabilities were very substandard.

Aryans are the Neanderthals' *descendants*; just one of many by-products of that particular ancient cross-species hybrid experiment.

So were the Indian "monkey armies"; the Brahmins ("nobility") & some other (lower) castes of India; European & Egyptian 'royalty'; Altais, Gypsies, Khazars, Edomites, Kurds, (most of these are Asian or Caucasian *nomadic* types of tribes); some of the African, Arab or Semitic nomadic tribes; Basques; Canary Islanders; Turkish Khazars; Ashekenazi 'Jews' ... The list goes on & on. All are 'types' of Aryans.

Hitler too was descended from the *Neanderthal*, not a Cro-magnon as he claimed to be. You can see it clearly in his facial & body features. He was an Aryan/'Jew'(according to recent scientific DNA studies); who tried to turn Germany into his own *personal* breeding program.

He systematically selected for "whiteness" & other "noble" qualities from among the native Nordic & European population (while dispassionately, *heartlessly* 'culling' ANYONE - Jew OR 'Gentile' - who didn't meet his exacting specifications).

Quoting from the "Jewish Almanac" (1980) - "Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a 'Jew'; or to call a contemporary 'Jew' an Israelite or a Hebrew."

According to the standard "Jewish Encyclopedia", 96% of all known, modern 'Jews' are descended from the Khazar [Turkish, nomadic Gypsy] tribes of Russia, Eastern Europe, & Western Mongolia.

From Encyclopedia Americana (1985) "Ashkenazim are the Jews whose ANCESTORS lived in German lands...(not, in Israel or the Middle East)". The Khazars voluntarily converted to Judaism in ancient times, then settled in the Rhine region of Germany / Europe.

So *genetically* they (along with Hitler) are *mostly* mixed *Aryans*, not 'Semites'. I won't go into the subject of Judaism, the *religion*, here. But the fact that they are *not* Hebrew, is born out by their choice of *spoken* language: a *pidgen* form of Hebrew, riddled with vulgarities - *Yiddish*.

Further evidence comes from their 'own' scriptures, the Old Testament bible; which states that *Ashkenaz* is descended from the Noatic lineage of *Japheth* (father of Magog & the Asian race) -- not Shem (father of the Semites or Caucasians).

Because, if Noah's three sons fathered the 3 major human races (as their Torah infers, & their Talmud also claims outright)

- and if Japheth fathered the *Asians* (as scriptural evidence from the Torah suggests)

- and if 96% of Jews have mostly *Asian* DNA (which they do not deny)

- and if Ham fathered the Negro race (as 'Jews' claim in their Talmud; & the Torah also infers)

- then, it is only logical that Shem (the father of 'Semites', according to tradition) was not the father of Asians; but was the father of the Caucasian race.

- and so, if the Ashkenazi 'Jews' are *Japheths* (or originally *Asians*, although now mixed)

- then, they cannot be the original 'Semites', or sons of Shem.

So, genetically speaking (putting their voluntary religious *conversion* aside for the moment) Ashkenazi 'Jews' are *Aryans*, not true Semites (according to History & their own sources).

Also, Semites are *Caucasians* - not Asians, like the Ashkenazi-Khazars.

And as I already explained: Aryans (although an admittedly exotic hybrid-hominid *mixture* of genes) *originated* in -Asia-.

So, it's ironic that 'Jews' (most of them, anyway; & especially German, Ashkenazim 'Jews') are also *Aryans*. And, that Hitler himself was an Aryan/Jew. Makes you wonder why he would kill his own people, Jews, doesn't it?

But it makes sense, when you recognize the important role that *selective breeding* plays in both -Judaism & Aryanism. After all, the Talmud itself (the main Jewish holy book of their religion) states that they ('Jews') are "superior" to all non-Jews.

In fact, it states that 'Gentiles' (or, "Goyim" in Yiddish) are not even *human beings* at all; but are rather, no better than *animals*. It also requires that (orthodox) 'Jews' not marry outside of their "race". In fact it suggests or commands them to marry their first cousins, most often.

Very much like the Hindu Brahmin caste rules of marriage; their Talmud sets them not just apart from (or separate from), but actually "superior" to Others. They even refer to themselves as the "chosen" people of God.

The important commonality, genetically speaking (among all Aryans), is the *Rhesus negative blood-type & the Neanderthal DNA markers*. This is especially the case for the elite, or aristocratic members of Aryan society.

So, although elite Aryans tend to consciously *select* for physical attributes, such as coloring & bone structures that they *prefer* (as if breeding livestock, iow); those things are not as critical in *identifying* them (nor are they *quite* as important to them, as their *bloodlines*).

Aryans are the hominid/hybrid, Illuminati wannabes whose websites & other attempts at propaganda would indicate that they think themselves superior to full-blooded human beings. They are the folks who are proud of their tails (along with all of their other recessive traits) & who claim to be psychic, claim to be friendly with extra-terrestrials, etc.

The elite among them continue in modern times, to practice their obsessive-compulsive, ritualistic, pantheistic, Canaanite/Babylonian/Egyptian/Luciferian, ancient "Serpent" religion; which involves (in addition to silly hocus-pocus & schizoid symbolism) abominations like human sacrifices, orgies, ritual tortures, blood holocausts, etc. -- but have been forced to take it *underground*, for obvious reasons.

The underground nature of their beliefs (& the necessity of keeping their lower-class followers in the dark, so to speak) has spawned numerous New Age philosophies, cults, & major established religions having only a *veneer* of normalcy. Their need for (& fondness of) secrecy & deception, has cranked out one 'Secret Society' or 'Fraternity' after another. They love money & authoritative power, more than anything else -- & they use religious brainwashing extensively as the means to those ends.

The elite Aryans don't consider themselves human (anymore than orthodox Jews consider Gentiles human), & admit to being "hybrids" on their own webpages. They love to spin the *facts*; possessing a great flair for *drama*.

They greatly enjoy embellishing on the truth; or telling barely disguised lies. So, some of them claim to be inter-bred with fallen angels (Nephilim). WTF?! And people actually believe that? Lol. They seem to want us to think that they possess "special" powers. Many of them are openly Wiccans, etc.

And lately, some of them have proposed a "new" money-making scheme: hybridization of human beings with chimpanzees or other subhuman primates. They claim they can legally trademark & *sell* the proposed hybrids, because they say that they would not be fully human -- thus should not have "human Rights".

I take it that means their 'new', patented hybrids also won't be subject to *obey* human law, either?

Lol, it's already been done. How ironic.

To illustrate, here are some typical Aryans (Notice how wacky they are?):

[Here, I provided 3 YouTube video links of Rh- Aryans behaving in their typical style. One had a young woman with hair dyed green, rambling on about some nonsense which involved her Rh- bloodtype; another made the claim Rh-'s are so fond of repeating, that they're 'ET/Alien-Hybrids', lol; & the third one was a couple who claimed that their Rh- bloodtype (a recessive trait, btw) proves that they're descended from Jesus Christ...Ahem. This thread, OP'd by 'GypsyWolve', was locked & I was put on 'moderator approval' - restriction, iow - shortly thereafter; lmao.]


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  2. This article is a complete fictitious account of the true nature of the Rh negative blood. I would highly advise anyone who reads this to do comparative research, as the details expressed in this blog are not factual whatsoever

  3. Jerome From Gairbhín, while I also encourage everyone to do their own research and form their own conclusions based upon the facts -- "the details expressed in this blog are not factual whatsoever" is a highly generalized statement. You do not specifically point out anything which might be false. I would not wish to enter into any sort of debate with anyone who cannot be more rational than that.

  4. If this article was claiming the same thing, but aimed towards blacks, you crackers would believe every bit of it..You just don't wanna accept the truth

  5. Truth doesn't aim toward anything (that would be bias). Truth simply states the known facts and attempts to make rational sense of it. Superiority and inferiority of the Human species, is not bound by race, tribe, or ethnicity. Both genetic / physical conditions are to be found among individuals within all populations everywhere. So NO particular tribe or culture is absolutely superior over any other. And likewise NO particular race or ethnicity is absolutely inferior to any other. People are individuals, with their own unique merits / faults. So troll elsewhere.