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Monday, October 31, 2011

update on yesterday's 'DNA forums' reply

My reply was published, but the last two sentences (about Hybrids) were 'edited' out of it by the moderator, "michael" (I believe)... LOL.

They're very sensitive on that forum, about anything said regarding Human hybridization or whenever I try to point out the distinction between Aryans (Indo-Europeans) & Caucasians. One moderater, "R1a1a" (his Ydna haplogroup), restricted my posts because of my claim that there are substantial differences between Native American Caucasian DNA & the European varieties.

He even went so far as to tell me that I am NOT Cherokee, due to my Caucasian mtDNA haplogroup (which is 'W'; subclade is as yet, unclassified - but is possibly 'W1e' or something similar). He said that's a "European haplogroup". (Like he's the expert on World History & Anthropology). Bullshit - not every 'W' subclade is European; mine happens to be Native American & I can prove it.

I know that I'm Cherokee (directly descended through my maternal lineage), & he has got some nerve to tell me otherwise. He also insists that I don't have enough blood quantum to call myself Native American.

Again, bullshit. He restricted me, based on his taking offense by my statements about Aryans. I maintain that Aryans/Indo-Europeans are not Caucasians: they're mixed-race, mixed-species (!!) ~Hybrids~ (descended from Neanderthals, in fact). Which, is the TRUTH, LOL.

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