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Thursday, October 20, 2011

DNA forums reply (1)

Humans = Homo sapiens. But there is far more *real evidence* which suggests that the Neanderthal did not exist "long before humans", & that they were instead merely one of several forms of Human/Ape ~hybrids~. I'm not going to lay out all of the evidence for my theory here, because the text would fill books. And I don't feel compelled to anyway, because you don't provide evidence to the contrary either (other than hearsay).

I would suggest that readers interested in DNA inheritance take a cold hard look at the real evidence, without bias, & not simply accept the 'politically correct' (or, 'socially acceptable') though vague, explanations. I agree that the possiblity of Humans mating with Apes is somewhat shocking (even though most of you generally have already accepted that Humans had sex with ~Neanderthals~, go figure). But the prospect of breeding Humans with Apes (or any other lower life-forms) is not a modern idea; it's been done already. LOL. Problem is, it doesn't improve our species (Homo sapiens); it only corrupts it instead.

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