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Sunday, October 30, 2011

DNA forum reply awaiting 'moderator approval'

It would have made very little difference, lol. 'Royalty' are mainly puppets (figureheads), anyway; and even queens like Elizabeth II are subject to their husbands' (or, 'royal consorts') psychological & physical domination, in many cases. Elizabeth is/has been a queen only nominally; in reality she's just a dumb, subservient wife who just happens to be very rich. She doesn't make any decisions on her own; they're all made by ~committee~. And in reality, kings aren't that much more powerful than queens, except perhaps physically.

[Furthermore, mentally & emotionally, a Hybrid is a Hybrid: the women are no more moral than the men, & in fact they tend to idolize their men. (Royalty are Hybrids, because Human beings don't set themselves on thrones or pedestals.)]

*The last paragraph (parenthesized) was edited out of this post by DNA forum moderator...

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